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Products - Advil Range

Advil Pain Relief Products

Advil offers ibuprofen-based products for adults and kids. For adults, Advil provides a range of effective everyday pain relief, fast acting and long lasting pain relief products in different formats and packaging options for different adult pain relief needs and preferences. For children, Advil also provides the same broad range of formats and flavours to suit kids’ changing tastes and needs.

Everyday Pain Relief

Advil has effective pain relief products that are designed to provide great everyday value and are suited to deal with everyday common pains. Learn more about everyday pain relief products from Advil in this section.


Fast Pain Relief

Advil has a premium range of products that deliver rapid pain relief for people who want to relieve pain quickly. Fast pain relief products from Advil come in rapid acting tablets and liquid capsules, and are packed in blisters and bottles to suit different tastes and preferences. Learn more about fast pain relief products from Advil in this section.


Long Lasting Relief of Persistent Pain

The Advil range includes Advil 12 Hour Extended Release Tablets which provide up to 12 hours pain relief with just one tablet. Advil 12 Hour Extended Release Tablets may be suitable for those with persistent body pain such as back, neck, shoulder, joint or arthritis pain.


Children & Infant Range

Advil provides a range of ibuprofen-based children’s pain and fever relief products that come in different flavours, formats, sizes to suit the changing tastes and pain and fever relief needs of infants from 3 months up to children 12 years of age.

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